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J. Schleeh
G. Moschetti
N. Wadefalk
E. Cha
A. Pourkabirian
G. Alestig
J. Halonen
B. Nilsson
P.Å. Nilsson
J. Grahn
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Cryogenic LNAs for SKA band 2 to 5


Four ultra-low noise cryogenic MMIC LNAs suitable for the Square Kilometer Array (SKA) band 2 to 5 (0.95–13.8 GHz) have been designed, fabricated, packaged and tested. The LNAs are based on 4×50, 8×50 and 16×50 μm HEMTs, designed for stable cryogenic operation, allowing the combination of good noise performance and return loss. The lowest noise temperatures measured in the four bands were 1.0 K, 1.2 K, 1.6 K and 2.6 K, respectively.