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RF bandwidth 26-62 GHz
Average Noise temperature 200 K
Noise figure 2.3 dB
Average Gain 35 dB
DC power V=5 V, I=35 mA
RF connectors Female (1.85 mm)
DC connector 2-pin Turret Connector
Single 5V supply only

LNF-LNR26_62A_SV is a room temperature amplifier using LNF’s proprietary InP HEMT technology. MMIC technology ensures excellent unit-to-unit variation. The LNA is packaged in a coaxial module industry standard 1.85 mm connectors for the RF ports and 2-pin turret connectors to provide the DC. The lightweight gold plated aluminum body measures 17.80×15.15×6.80 mm excluding the connectors. The LNA is not hermetic and must be operated in a vacuum environment when below the dewpoint. All amplifiers are tested at 296 K and delivered with a test report.